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A history to be proud of

Gielissen | Interiors | Exhibitions | Events, manages, and produces trade show exhibits, corporate interiors, museums, private events, and leisure experiences for many of the world’s top brands. Since our small beginning in 1937 in the Netherlands, we have grown to one of one of the largest interior and exhibition companies in the world – and we continue to grow!

With eleven international locations, we continue expanding our basis of operation as well as our expertise. Gielissen clients have the convenience of our US-based team, with a direct connection to the over 300 employees in eight locations across Europe, master Dutch & German craftsmen, business strategists, idea shapers, European designers - and the most sophisticated production shops in our industry. But it doesn’t stop there! We work in over seventy countries - covering the Americas, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. You can find additional details here in More About Us.

By utilizing on-demand, web-based project management tools, and focusing on the cultural aspects of engaging global customers, we can help you achieve what others fail to achieve. We can prepare you to go into foreign markets with confidence – to present and market your company in a professional way, avoiding the mistakes made by the first-timers! Doing this has helped us create a reputation which is unparalleled in the industry.

But for us, it isn’t only about the production work. Like a good recipe, it takes all of the right ingredients, put together the right way to make a great entrée. We work extremely hard to achieve our ultimate goal – which is a high return on investment for our clients. But, we also want you to enjoy the journey!

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