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Gielissen Shipyard

What could be more idyllic than living on the waterside? Living on the water!

Gielissen Shipyard builds house boats. Beautifully designed and produced luxurious floating villa's. Whether you are an investor or a future owner: Gielissen offers you every possible answer to your houseboat question with Gielissen's MarinHome! Find out more here: www.marinhome.nl!


Haverdijk 2
NL-5704 RC

Phone: +31 492 53 1515
Fax: +31 492 53 1520
E-mail address: carla.stukstetteATgielissen.nl

P.O. box:

PO Box 6032
5700 ES
Helmond, the Netherlands


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Call us toll-free in the USA at: 1-877-409-5574 or at

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