Global Program Management

Global Program Management

The brand consistency challenge

There are many challenges to implementing and managing a single global conventions presence. Many companies struggle with achieving brand consistency, both from a pure marketing approach and an architectural branding perspective. Wrong colors and inconsistencies in look and feel from show to show, create confusion and diminished memorability for attendees. And, companies often face the challenge of differing, conflicting and confusing messaging.

The local relevance challenge

Many companies struggle with implementing an approach which makes sense to the local audience at a show. That approach may make sense in the USA, but maybe not in this particular location. Can the majority of attendees read the English messaging on the graphics? Do the attendees expect hospitality in order to feel welcomed? Many things need to be considered from a local and cultural perspective.

Locus of control

Locus of control is a factor which can either harm or help. Local or regional offices are often in conflict with ‘corporate’ over who is making decisions for a particular trade show or event. When local offices are operating independently from corporate, only using local suppliers, brand inconsistency normally increases. And, sometimes, there is just the logistical challenge of managing too many vendors in different countries around the world to implement your program. Is this really cost effective, or can there be some economy of scale?

Global consistency with local relevance

Gielissen has extensive experience in successfully managing global brands and programs. We centralize the program content and branding, but adjust it as necessary to the standards and values of the particular country. This is what we call global consistency with local relevance!

One global solution

Gielissen provides a comprehensive and cost-effective global solution for many trade show programs. Our dedicated program management team takes a comprehensive look at your program and works with you to determine the most effective way to implement it on a global basis. We are careful to adhere to the communication and branding guidelines of our clients, while giving careful consideration to the local requirements, culture, customs and situation. Based on our experience, we create a unique program plan for your company, taking into account a wide variety of aspects, such as design / creative, marketing, customer engagement, scheduling, geography, logistics, and production.

The most effective global programs

The most effective global programs are managed from a central location (or via a central team), using a variety of tools and techniques. But, this level of centralized management cannot operate without all of the key elements. There is an array of services and tools which are tailored to suit the needs of such a global program: dedicated global team, online inventory management, real-time shipment tracking, online order requests, customized financial reporting, ROI & effectiveness analysis, cultural training, AV / ICT support, and N2U online portal.

A unique perspective

We understand that there is a delicate balance to be reached between global consistency and local relevancy. The global reach of the Gielissen operational bases, along with our depth of cultural and industry experience, gives us a very unique perspective, equipping us to effectively manage global trade show programs around the world. Let us demonstrate how we can take your global program to a higher level!


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