Project Management Process

Project Management Process

Project Management is critical for success

We believe that the process for implementing your international trade show project is just as critical as the final outcome on the show floor. A well-refined process will produce superior results every time. And, many costly or embarrassing mistakes can be avoided through proactive planning and effective project management.

Our process-driven approach

Exhibit projects are managed in various ways around the world. Gielissen’s well-defined process for project implementation ensures consistency and prevents mistakes by using proven techniques and quality-control measures. In fact, we are ISO 9001 Certified! Not too many companies in our industry can match that credential. Having this great process does not eliminate the need for excellent project management skills and good decision-making at every level. But, we do have a talented, proactive team of experienced, multi-lingual project and program managers who become an extension of your team.

Streamlining and improving communications

Clear and concise communications are essential for any successful project. With exhibit projects, there is the need to exchange dimensioned drawings, color visuals, graphic files and lots of other types of detail, not to mention the approval process and scheduling. The typical process of using long group email chains breaks-down very quickly when that is your only technology for managing a global project. There is a better way to do it! We have worked diligently for years to ensure that all of our communications are received and understood by all parties - which led to the implementation of our web-based project management tool, called N2U.

The best tool for the job

N2U helps us facilitate, organize and contextualize all of our communications on each project. N2U allows us to provide real-time management of schedules & task assignments, a formalized approval process with date & time stamp, posting of site details / photos, meeting notes and topical discussion threads, and the historical tracking of all project activities and communications. It runs 24/7 with mirrored back-ups in case of data deletion or some catastrophe, easily accessible from your Internet browser. This powerful project management tool allows you to maintain complete oversight of all project details, no matter where it is in the world.

Global optimization

Since we work in over 70 countries around the world, we can implement projects almost anywhere on earth! Global Optimization is the process by which we analyze the key aspects of your exhibit project and determine best method and best location for production. Many factors go into this optimization process, such as cost, production capacity, technical complexity, and material availability. Global Optimization ensures that you are getting the best possible technical solution and the highest possible return on your investment.


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