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On time delivery- that is our goal when (re)building a shop interior.  We are aware of your time and financial investment when it comes to an interior project. With your budget and goals in mind, our method is efficient and flexible, while maintaining the highest quality of craftsmanship. 

Our approach includes meticulous preparation, occasional improvisation and execution according to the highest standards - yours. Whether it's a new interior or a renovation, an entire space or only a section, you can be certain that you have an optimally geared team of experts on your shop floor. Our team guarantees that you get exactly what you want.

Feeling at home

However varied retail concepts may be, every retailer wants customers to feel at home in his or her business. Therefore, we make it our mission to help you realize your goals for your shop’s interior. Gielissen works with you to design the space of your dreams and we have everything in-house to create your customized interior solution down to the smallest details. 


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