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We live in an experience economy

Sports / Leisure

The need for relaxation is still increasing

The leisure market is growing constantly. Hardly surprising, of course, because the need for relaxation keeps increasing. You only need to read the literature to realize that the tidal wave of experience is really about to engulf us.

That people think 'big' in big projects is totally logical. But not every project is on a Disney scale. After all, the ambition and the available budget are often in conflict with one another. So satisfying all the stakeholders is a huge challenge and if the visitors notice none of that, then we've done a good job.

Anticipating trends

That Gielissen anticipates trends is absolutely crucial for us and a major advantage for you. We're living with the times in every area, from the latest presentation technologies to state-of-the-art materials. That makes us the ideal partner for entrepreneurs, architects, designers and others involved in planning in the leisure market, because we find this sector as stimulating as you do.


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