Cooperation with General Contractors

Gielissen is not a General Contractor

Cooperation with General Contractors

Is Gielissen a general contractor for commercial construction projects?

Gielissen is not a general contractor for commercial construction projects. But, we work with many general contractors around the world. Our focus is on the specialty & custom fabrication items, millwork, custom furniture, displays, cabinetry, counters, solid surfaces, graphics, murals, signage and architectural brand elements.

Who is in charge of the project?

Many general contractors hire Gielissen to produce the specialty items within larger construction and interior projects. At other times, Gielissen works directly for owners or owner’s representatives to implement projects. In these cases, Gielissen sometimes hires general contractors to implement other aspects of the construction.

Building codes & construction techniques

Gielissen’s team of experts is very familiar with the challenges and requirements of both large and small, global commercial construction projects – from safety and security issues to protocol and communications. Since building code requirements and construction techniques differ between countries around the world, it is critical to work with a global producer like Gielissen who can support complex projects in any part of the world.


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