From Concept to Execution

The entire trajectory under one roof

From Concept to Execution

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You probably know that Gielissen produces interiors. More specifically, we also provide design, planning, project management, construction management, budgeting and installation. But does this work the same way globally? Allow us to explain.

We first sit around the table

Wherever you are in the process, a meeting of the minds is the first step. Together, we'll brainstorm about unique solutions and devise a project plan, based on your scope of work. Of course, if you already have a complete idea in mind, you are welcome to sit down with our design team immediately. These meetings are either in the USA, Europe, or in the Middle East, depending on your preferences.

Design, planning & implementation

Your Gielissen Interiors team will lead you through the next steps. Naturally, your interior must not only look fantastic, but also be distinctive, impressive, durable and communicative. Gielissen understands interiors like no other. Together with your architect and general contractor, we look at all aspects of the design, before starting on the actual production. As an integral part of your team, we will use our wealth of international experience to ensure that your final production is world class.

Global optimization

Since we work in over 70 countries around the world, we can implement projects almost anywhere on earth! Global Optimization is the process by which we analyze the key aspects of a project and determine best method and best location for production. Many factors go into this optimization process, such as cost, production capacity, technical complexity, and material availability. Global Optimization ensures that you are getting the best possible technical solution and the highest possible return on your investment.

Striking, functional and communicative

Gielissen is always busy creating inspirational environments – well beyond the ordinary. We create interior environments which are striking, functional, and communicative.


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