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Engineering and Structural Fabrication

When you need a multi-story chalet for temporary exhibit structure, it is critical to use a company which understands this kind of project. Chalets and temporary exhibit structures generally require the design and erection of a structural steel framework, along with load calculations and drawings stamped and certified by a structural engineer. Gielissen does that! We have our own in-house structural engineers who design and engineer the structural framework.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are a primary concern when you are working with chalets or temporary exhibits. You may have a three-level structure with hundreds of attendees, visitors, and VIP’s inside at any given time. You must have the confidence and assurance than the chalet is structurally sound, well-built, and capable of handling the live load. There is no room for error when it comes to life safety. Gielissen looks at the structural concerns as well as fire safety and evacuation planning throughout every step of the planning, construction, and installation process.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Most exhibit builders around the world are not experienced in handling the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing demands necessary for chalets and large temporary exhibit structures. Gielissen has produced large structures all around the world – each with unique requirements and challenges. Climate control can be a challenging aspect to manage, particularly when the chalet is in the desert or particularly harsh environment. You can rest assured that Gielissen has a depth of experience in all of these areas.

Project Management of Sophisticated Projects

Multi-Story chalets and temporary exhibits require a high level of project management, with an experienced team capable of handling the level of complexity and challenge posed by these projects. Very few companies in this industry have the level of experience which Gielissen has in managing chalets and temporary exhibit structures – in many areas of the world. We have developed methods and practices which allow us to succeed where others often fail. We look forward to showing you how we do it!

Upscale Finishes

Many of the visitors to chalets and temporary exhibits will be VIP clients, government delegations, foreign ministers, or head of state. Your chalet must be perfect – both inside and out! Gielissen has the experience and ability to produce with the highest levels of quality in our industry. So, whether we are delivering custom furniture, sophisticated cabinetry, interior walls, displays, graphics, or unique artwork – we will provide world-class quality. You can open the doors with confidence when your high-level delegates arrive for their meeting.


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