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Global magazine December 2012

The new Global – by tradition filled with a variety of interesting topics. And speaking of

tradition, did you know that our relationship magazine has been in circulation for 8 years?

The layout has been changed a couple of times, but otherwise our goal has remained the same – to shine the spotlight on our clients and allow them to share information about themselves, their business, what they do and how they do it.

And you appreciate that, according to a poll (conducted a couple of years ago by an outside research firm) – but we already knew that because of your positive responses. We hope you’ll enjoy this issue as well. A couple of issuesago, we talked with Jeffrey Hannah, Director of Gielissen Nuance International (US), and in this issue we’ll hear from the Directors of our branches in Hannover and Stuttgart.

Furthermore, we’ll learn about De Kikkers, Lopital, Eindhoven Airport, HOMEID and much more. There is also an article about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and an example of how we are taking an active role in our community.

The next Global will be entirely dedicated to the important subject of CSR. Happy reading!

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