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CSR - as necessary as it is diverse

What is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) exactly? Is the emphasis more on the Social or the Corporate or is it more of a middle ground? Just browse around on the internet and you will learn that a single definition of CSR is difficult to find. Does it mean the use of sustainable materials? Is the focus more on the financial and/or material support of charitable organizations? Does it involve greatly reducing energy use and various other usage costs? Or does it involve helping young people find their way in the job market? Besides these examples, there are countless other ways to define CSR.

Many organizations that are very involved in CSR choose to focus on a combination of all of these aspects. That goes for Gielissen as well – we concentrate our leadership efforts and policy on many areas with the goal of becoming even more CSR-oriented. This CSR special edition is a representation of our activities in that realm. We hope that by reading this you will be inspired and encouraged. If you have any good ideas or suggestions, we are happy to hear them.

Also, if you would rather receive a hard copy version of our news magazine in your snail mail; mail us with your name and address and we are happy to oblige!

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