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"Gielissen's concept, their speed and accuracy of working: Hats off!"

Victor Caminada
Marketing Manager

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Amels' super-yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show

Super-yachts deserve a super stand

With the super-yachts built by Amels, the company has built up a global reputation for the ultimate combination of state-of-the-art shipbuilding technologies, unprecedented luxury and pure nautical aesthetics. It goes without saying that Amels is present at every major international yacht show. So also at the best-known of them all: the Monaco Yacht Show. Gielissen designed and built the stand for that show.

Floating palaces

In terms of quality, luxury and technology," says Victor Caminada, Marketing Manager at Amels, "our premium yachts are in the absolute top segment. Major trade fairs are an important marketing and sales instrument for us. You have to see a yacht, literally feel and experience it; then you fall for it."

The Amels 199

In Monaco the major brands were lined up fraternally on the covered boulevard. The Amels stand stood out: "We had told Gielissen that our new premium yacht – the Amels 199 – would also be officially presented at this show," says Victor. "So they very cleverly integrated certain features of the Amels 199 in the stand concept."

A close call

"At the fair it transpired that the fair organizers had delivered the wrong drawings, but the stand had been pre-fabricated in Amsterdam based on those drawings! Gielissen put everything right at the stand location within only a few days. A close call!"

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions


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