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BMW AG, Munich & Gielissen working towards success together
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The interior of the BMW Museum, Munich

A top museum for a top brand

Say Munich and you think of BMW. So it's no coincidence that BMW's experience and delivery centre, the "BMW Welt", is located in the Bavarian capital at a stone's throw from the former Olympic Stadium. Beside it is the totally refurbished BMW Museum, for which – like the restaurant and the museum shop – Gielissen realized practically the entire interior.

Past, present and future

Like BMW Welt, the museum with its striking bowl shape was designed at the time by the famous Vienna architect Karl Schwanzer. With two newly-built underground floors, the new museum has become five times as big and offers exhibition space of over 5,000 m². The various levels contain diverse theme spaces, where the past, present and future of this Bavarian carmaker are shown with 125 exhibits.

Our contribution

Apart from the components belonging to the architecture (walls, floors, ceilings, staircases etc.), Gielissen built the complete interior of the museum: all exhibition rooms and displays (among them podia in different materials), aluminium walls (on which an F1 racing car has been hung) and other innovations in the exhibitions area. We also fitted out the restaurant and the museum shop. The materials mostly used are glass, stainless steel, aluminium and white corian, a highly exclusive material for interiors.

Design by: Atelier Br├╝ckner , Stuttgart


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