British American Tobacco (BAT)

British American Tobacco (BAT) & Gielissen working towards success together

"What struck me was the clever solutions Gielissen came up with"

Sebastiaan Vierkant
Facility manager
British American Tobacco (BAT)

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Refurbished 'eye-catcher' interior for BAT Nederland

Into the future with confidence

British American Tobacco (BAT), the world's second-largest tobacco manufacturer is looking to the future with confidence, despite the extensive regulations imposed on tobacco consumption. You can view that external pressure as a threat, but also as a challenge. BAT Nederland has opted for the latter.


Due to a reorganization, the headquarters for Western Europe was relocated to Amstelveen. As a result of that reorganization, the interior of the marketing and sales departments, among others, were given a complete facelift. "The new organization structure," says Sebastiaan Vierkant, facility manager at BAT Nederland, "and the strengthening of the marketing department meant that we were seeing a lot more (international) visitors coming in. So we decided to revamp the existing interior."

Fantastic spatial effect

"The new layout, especially, came completely 'out of the box'", adds Sebastiaan. "That is the result above all of the seven round office units, the 'bubbles' as we call them here. Being semi-transparent, they lend the entire space a fantastic spatial effect." The other aspect that strikes one is the high eye-catching content of the new office furniture, like the desks in X- and Pac-Man format, or with staggered height levels and equipped with exceptional frame constructions.

Hugely satisfied

Once BAT had finished with the architect, Gielissen came into the picture, and BAT were hugely satisfied. We built everything on the fourth floor, but also everything in the 'antechamber', the small, austerely styled waiting room next to the boardroom.

Design by: Baneker Van der Hoeven Architecten


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