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"The realization of the fair stand exceeded all our expectations. Everything about the concept worked, the layout, the accessibility, the transparency, the balance between business image and involvement and the extremely high attention value."

Jean Paul van Kuijk
Manager Marketing
Cehave Landbouwbelang Voeders

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Cehave's trade show stand at the “Landbouw Vakbeurs” agricultural show

Exhibition stand as image builder

Animal husbandry is on the move: ever more small businesses are giving it up, large-scale is the trend. So suppliers are also in a displacement market; lots of suppliers for a dwindling number of breeders. That's why Cehave Landbouwbelang decided to carefully polish up its image, beginning with an eye-catching exhibition stand.

What Cehave is and does

Cehave Landbouwbelang is a cooperative business with about 5,500 (Dutch) members. With production sites in the Netherlands, other European countries and Southeast Asia, the organization counts around 2,000 employees. With that headcount and annual revenues of almost €1 billion, Cehave Landbouwbelang belongs among Europe's top producers of live stock food.

Positioning study

An extensive positioning study showed Cehave that its strengths were not coming across clearly enough, so the message was: "polish up your image".

The 'eye-catcher' at the show

Trade shows are a crucial communication tool in animal husbandry. Your members and customers come; it is simply the meeting point. At the first important agricultural show that fell within the campaign, Cehave wanted to show its new face in full with an exhibition stand that would demonstrate its product and market leadership. The realization exceeded all expectations. Our stand was simply the eye-catcher of the fair.

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions


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