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"You are a world-class operation – absolutely wonderful to work with; you really understand our needs and know how to make things happen!"

Ross Brown
Head of Visual Communications
Etihad Airways

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The Challenge

Etihad Airways contacted our team to request help to have an existing airport gate area transformed into a Premier Lounge within the next four weeks! “How soon can you meet?” Ross Brown, Head of Visual Communications, continued,I need someone who understands the extraordinary quality of work we need here, but can assemble a team to deliver it in time.”

ETIHAD AIRWAYS is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and its hub is in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Since beginning operations in 2003, ETIHAD AIRWAYS has achieved phenomenal success, becoming the fastest-growing airline in aviation history, and is now recognized by many as the leading premium airline brand in the world. The directive to complete this lounge was from HH Sheik Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan himself. Ross Brown, Head of Visual Communications for Etihad Airways, had to find a way to make the seemingly impossible into the possible.

Within 48 hours of the call, Jeff Hannah and four others from our executive team were on the ground in Abu Dhabi, walking through the space and discussing the plans. This new premium lounge would be a “temporary” lounge, but could not look temporary, while we were building the permanent lounges. Afterwards, the space would eventually be converted back to an airport gate area. But, this transformation had to be done in less than 4 weeks!

Nearly overnight transformation

It started as an ordinary airport terminal gate, with rows of bench seating and a check-in station for airport staff. Hannah and our team got straight to work bringing in the labor and craftsmen to remove the airport fittings and fixtures and replace them with opulent fittings such as marble floor tile, chillers, drop ceilings, custom hospitality bars, and luxurious furnishings and textiles. This space exceeded Ross Brown’s expectations; at that point he knew he’d found the team that could turn the seemingly impossible requirements for the “Diamond” and “Pearl” lounges into a reality.

A Stunning Success

In less than four weeks, the lounge was completed as promised, and the Etihad Airways Premier Lounge staff arrived for training. Brown, who entrusted this extreme challenge to our team, summed it up best when he said, “you are a world-class operation – absolutely wonderful to work with; you really understand our needs and know how to make things happen!”

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