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The Netherlands Pavilion in Shanghai

Dutch pride in Shanghai

For many years, Gielissen has won the contract to work on the Netherlands’ Pavilion at The World Expo, an event held every four years in a different city around the globe. The EVD, a section of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote exports, has granted Gielissen this honor on a number of occasions. We’ve been active in Seville, Lisbon, Hanover and Zaragoza – and in 2010 we were given the opportunity to work on the Netherlands Pavilion for the World Expo in Shanghai, together with architect John Körmeling and structural designer Rijk Blok.

An ascending rollercoaster

Körmeling created a unique concept – an ascending rollercoaster on which little houses in different architectural styles were hung to form exhibition spaces.  High atop “Happy Street”, as the pavilion was called, a VIP room was literally the crowning glory of the structure.  The design was especially unique because it was a completely open building, rather than an enclosed constructionGielissen was captivated by the design and inspired by the fact that the pavilion on its own was a fascinating experience.

One whole

In addition to furnishing the various stages and stands throughout the pavilion, Gielissen was responsible for lighting, sound, displays, and more.  All work was executed in collaboration with Körmeling so that the architecture and furnishings formed one cohesive whole.

Design by: Co-creation John K├Ârmeling en Northernlight


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