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Two attractions for the Ferrari World indoor theme park

A sports car enthusiast’s dream

The name Ferrari is synonymous with speed and beautiful design.  The Ferrari theme park was recently completed in Abu Dhabi, where we built two of the main attractions: ‘Made in Maranello’ and ‘The Racing Legends’.

The world's biggest indoor park

The park is the biggest indoor theme park in the world, with a total indoor surface are of 86,000 m².  The park boasts 20 special attractions – all creating a spectacular experience of the Ferrari brand.  Together with partner P&P Projects, Gielissen built and furnished two important attractions: ‘Made in Maranello’ and ‘The Racing Legends’.

A peek into the production process

In 'Made in Maranello', the visitor gets a glimpse into Ferrari’s production process in a replication of the famous factory in Maranello, Italy.  This is a unique experience because Ferrari typically allows only buyers of a new Ferrari into its production area.  This impressive exhibit covers 4000 m².  

The complete Ferrari history

The complete history of Ferrari is on display at the exhibit ‘The Racing Legends’. Visitors enjoy an audio-visual experience which spans the first days of Enzo Ferrari’s career until the company’s present-day position as the world’s foremost racing brand.  Gielissen built the entire attraction, which covers a total surface area of 5,000 m². 

Design by: Jack Rouse Associates


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