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The Holland Heineken House at the 2010 Winter Games

A home away from home in Canada

Holland Heineken House has been a household name in the world of sports for years.  It was an initiative of Heineken and the NOC*NSF and has become the home base for all Dutch athletes, family members and fans at each Olympic Games since its inception at the Barcelona summer games in 1992.  The Holland Heineken House attracts thousands of people reveling in the excitement of the Olympic experience – and the winter games in Vancouver were no exception.

Surprising combinations

The Holland Heineken House design should create a little piece of the Netherlands abroad and operate under the theme “Home Away from Home.”  The design concept for the Vancouver games was derived from the Canadian Maple leaf.  Gielissen found inspiration in the Canadian flag’s iconic feature and translated it into a graphic representation of ice crystals with a Dutch twist.  The unique graphic was used on all forms of Holland Heineken House gear: accreditation badges, pay cards, special Heineken bottles, pommes frites bags, maps, internet and smart phone applications, décor and other furnishing elements, crew awards and clothing.

Thirty-seven ocean containers

The event was a huge undertaking: 37 ocean containers were transported across the English channel, holding everything imaginable for setting up an event of this magnitude: five kitchen units, a complete Dutch snack bar with typical Dutch snack fare, refrigerators, 100,000 wristbands, kilometers of cable, cutlery and coffee machines, and more.  Four of the containers held kegs of beer and beer taps – from Heineken, of course!

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions


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