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"Gielissen perfectly translated our design to reality. With the utmost care for even the smallest details."

Angelika Kok
Architect, Barzileye

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The new Hilton Hotel The Hague

Modern reflection of a glorieus past

And that is no exaggeration. The fifth in the Netherlands, the new Hilton Hotel on the Zeestraat (180 rooms) has been given a truly fantastic interior. The hotel is situated in a former KPN (Dutch telecom) building.

Every project has a story of its own

The Atrium for example, a lounge-like space, the height of which occupies the ground and first floors. The gradations of sea green in the sofas, the sand colour of the floor with fragments of shell worked into it, the (synthetic) sand reeds in the plant pots (“Real reeds perish indoors” says Angelika), the tabletops inlaid with mother of pearl, the carpets with wave motif, the glass balustrade with reed print (on the first floor): the parallel with sand, sea and beach is present in every detail.

Pixel pattern and Google Earth aerial photo

Angelika also designed the interior of the Mesdag Ballroom that opens out onto the Atrium. “Like most ballrooms, it was a rectangular shoe box. And that was precisely what I didn’t want. I myself hail from Scheveningen and Mesdag immortalized the sea and the beach there splendidly on various occasions (the Hilton stands next door to the “Panorama Mesdag” museum.)

Design by: Barzileye, Angelika Kok


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