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Marijke Smallegange
Manager Sponsoring and Events

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Driving attraction for the World Cup

From London double-decker to ING Football Bus

During the run-up to the World Cup, a striking orange bus could be spotted throughout the country – it was the ING Football bus. The bus was designed to gather support and generate excitement for the World Cup and the Dutch National Team.  The bus it is still used today for various sponsorship activities and events.  ING, with orange as its company colour, has been a main sponsor of the Dutch team since 2010.  The bus, an old London double-decker dating back to 1981, underwent a total makeover inside and out – all in the span of just three weeks.

Unique job

This was a unique task in many respects, and the quick turnaround time added to the excitement.  Because ING had difficulty finding a suitable bus and they were bound by contract to complete the project by the first training session of the Dutch team, we had just three weeks to complete a total renovation of the bus.

Stripping out

Within the allotted time, we stripped out the entire bus, renewed the floor and the open roof, replaced the wiring and heating, and outfitted the bus with a complete new ‘Orange’ interior – orange bench seats, mini-football pitches, World Cup balls on the ceiling, huge plasma screens, photos of jubilant ‘Orange’ fans, etc.  After just three weeks, we had succeeded – the bus was ready to roll and could start the promotional tours!

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions


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