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Agency Collaboration for Mexico Show

ISBT – Cancun, Mexico

Supporting Design Agencies

We often get the chance to support various design, marketing, and advertising agencies in the production and realization of the spaces they have created for their clients. In this case, Mirror Show Management, based in the USA, designed the exhibit for Johnson & Johnson for this very important show in the blood transfusion industry, ISBT.

ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion) is a very large, important show for companies and healthcare providers which work in the blood industry. This includes everything from blood testing, analysis, preservation, and many other things.

Collaboration From Around the World

Gielissen was the General Contractor for the ISBT show in Cancun, Mexico. So, we had a large contingency of personnel in Cancun from our various offices around the world, to support a wide variety of activities and services for many clients. Even with multiple clients, it is imperative that we have sufficient staffing to support each client individually and with the high level of service they would expect. This show was no exception.

Design by: Mirror Show


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