Lola's Bar/Restaurant/Club

Lola's Bar/Restaurant/Club & Gielissen working towards success together

"The designers said that Gielissen had finished certain elements lovelier than they had designed them"

Edgar Tempelman
Lola's Bar/Restaurant/Club

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Interior for Lola's clubcafé-restaurant

The pulsating heart in the middle of Amsterdam

'Wow', you think on walking into Lola's for the first time. The interior is, in fact, just as it should be. Spacious and transparent, austere and modern and simply radiating warmth and hospitality. The latter above all was created by the delicate colouring; everything is perfectly geared to everything else.

Smoking area

Together with a tobacco manufacturer, owners Robbert van Leeuwen and Edgar Tempelman came up with the idea of integrating the spacious smoking area into the whole rather than a smoking area like you see in a lot of the bigger establishments, well apart from the rest of the café. The effect was achieved by using lots of glass and making the wooden columns part of both the smoking and the non-smoking areas' "It's become like a big conservatory," explains Tempelman. "where you can sit apart just like at home, but where you're not excluded from what's going on."

The expertise of Gielissen

As van Leeuwen says: "We turned to Gielissen to add substance to the concept and to build and furnish the space. They had done that several times before, including at the Nieuwspoort Press Centre in the Hague. But when we heard during the first exploratory talks that they also had expertise in building complete hospitality interiors, it all fell into place. They did everything besides the loose furniture and the kitchen. And we are more than satisfied. What struck us above all was their speed in execution: simply fantastic!

Design by: IDing Design


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