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Coen van Ham
Owner of Eindhoven-based design agency, COEN!
MBO Council

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New interior for the MBO Council in Woerden

Interior to reflect identity

The MBO Council is the sector organization for educational institutions in intermediate vocational and adult education. They approached Eindhoven design agency COEN! and architects Bos & Alkemade to design the interior of their new office building in Woerden, which involved the entire furnishings, so including floor- and wall-coverings, furniture design and works of art.


Any organization and any company with even a modicum of self-worth knows that identity is of crucial importance to image and appearance. That identity can generally be found in all kinds of external communicative items, such as the logo, the corporate identity, the website and folder material, but oddly enough not in the interior. Desks, chairs and lamps are sometimes nicely combined into an aesthetic whole, but that's often as far as it goes. An interior like that lacks identity. Eindhoven-based design agency COEN! takes a different approach.

It's about identity

When designing interiors and corporate identities, COEN! works based on a philosophy all of its own. "Identity", says owner Coen van Ham, "is what we're all about. An interior must stand for the identity, the core values of the organization. The identity must be visible in it, literally take shape. That gives the interior an identity layer."

Top quality

Gielissen realized the identity layer designed by COEN! within the interior. "I had worked with them once before and I really enjoyed it," says Coen van Ham. "You notice top quality in everything Gielissen, like us, delivers."

Design by: COEN!


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