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A Tailored Experience

Executive Briefing Center Amsterdam

World-Class Briefing Center

McAfee is a household name in the software and virus protection industry. Their products are truly used worldwide.  The Gielissen team helped to produce the EMEA Executive Briefing Center for McAfee, based near Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The project was orchestrated by Area Square in London, along with D+Z Architects in the Netherlands. Gielissen was responsible for production of many of the extremely unique features within the EBC.

Experience Real-Time Cybersecurity

McAfee’s goal was to use the briefing center environment to deliver an enriching experience to encourage stimulating discussions between their customers and their top executives, product managers, solution experts, customers, and partners. Included in that experience is the unique War Room, where they could offer real-time simulations of zero-day attacks, focusing on how McAfee’s fully integrated Security Connected solutions help proactively protect organizations against the latest cyber threats.

A Tailored Executive Briefing

The main feature of the EBC is a center show-piece cantilevered Corian and glass collaboration table with extensive PQ multi-touch screens to enable guest users to interact with software anywhere on the screen. The collaborative table features Holosonic ultra-directional speakers to direct sound to each individual station.

The schedule for the project was very demanding, but the quality had to remain world-class. Area Square, along with D+Z relied on the experts at Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions to deliver those demands – and we DID! Steve Warner, EMEA Real Estate Manager at McAfee stated: "Area Sq has created a stunning environment where we are proud to take our clients. The Area Sq team was extremely efficient and did an incredible job in delivering a sixteen weeks program in an occupied building in just nine weeks without compromising on quality."

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions (US)


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