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"Literally a performance of stature from Gielissen. Efficient approach, flexible consultation, effective advice. Gielissen is doing the METS for us this year too; that says enough"

Irene Dros
Product Manager

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21,000 m2 system-built in three days’ time

Watersports on dry land

The Netherlands is a country of water and hence an important watersports and boatbuilding nation. So it's no wonder that the trade fair in the watersports industry is held every year in Amsterdam's RAI: the METS. Growing explosively, the fair last year counted 20,000 visitors from 101 different countries.

Booming business

The METS can of course primarily thank the trade fair itself for its ever greater success. Cruising and, above all, the sector of the super-yachts are booming business thanks to the economic expansion of countries like Russia, China and the Middle East. But the increasing popularity of the METS can also be attributed to another aspect. The entire fair is made up of uniform stand-building. That uniformity makes the fair highly accessible and transparent.

Short timeline

Gielissen was responsible for building and furnishing the 21,000 m2 of uniform stands, as well as offering a number of complementary services. More than 150 people worked day and night, but the stands and the three pavilions were ready precisely on time. And the result looked spectacular.

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