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Martine van den Brand
Policy Assistant
Municipality of Oss

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Complete metamorphosis of the Town Hall interior in Oss

Another interior, another way of working, another feeling

The Municipality of Oss has grown rapidly in recent years. Not only in terms of surface area and population, but of course also when it comes to civil servants. That meant radical expansion at the Town Hall, recently with a complete new wing too. Reason enough for the management team to also give the interior a striking facelift at the same time. A nice job for Gielissen.


'Away with parochialism' was the basic notion in the renovation of the Town Hall. Large, transparent spaces where everyone sees each other and meets. Naturally, of course, with workspaces and meeting areas, but no fixed desk workplaces.

Little contact with one another

So why this complete metamorphosis of layout and way or working? It all came out of an internal study into the organization culture: employees spent little time away from their fixed workplaces, so they had too little contact with colleagues.

Coming to life

Every floor has been given its own distinctive character, created by the diversity in the furniture. And it works: the departments have become much more active and a study recently carried out showed that as many as 98% of the employees are happy with the result. That's a fantastic score.

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions


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