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Challenge: timing & roll-out

When Nike awarded Gielissen Nuance International the contract to work on the creation of the Nike Running store in Bucktown, near downtown Chicago, we were excited and ready for a challenging project. The store is in an old brick building that was formerly a neighborhood pub, surrounded by small, unique restaurants and shops. As with many projects in older buildings, there are often “surprises” that show-up as the timeline unfolds. Our team dealt with each surprise with strong teamwork, utilization of contingency plans, and thinking on their feet. 

The greatest challenge for Nike and its partners in the installation of the components designed for this store was the timing of the roll-out. It’s like beautiful dance - and the Nike Project Manager-In-Charge is the choreographer. Our role included painting an intricate mural on the walls and ceiling, producing a moveable message board to be viewed from the window facing the street, fabricating and outfitting several museum-quality cases to display the newest types of shoes, artistic painting on a column and other assorted tasks.

 Our installation and mural-painting team performed in an outstanding way to complete our parts of project as scheduled, working weekends as needed. The Nike Designer and Project Manager were very pleased with our project management process, as well as the final results. The local store manager and his crew are also delighted with their new neighborhood store! We are looking forward to future projects with Nike! Our team knows that, “Just Do It” can apply to Gielissen Nuance International as well as to Nike! 

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