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Creative Splash at CES

Consumer Electronics Show  - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Global Brand Consistency

Gielissen manages the exhibit program for Pure throughout Europe. As they continue to build their brand presence worldwide, Pure turned to Gielissen to help them create stunning exhibits in the USA market as well. So, one challenge is to build a brand presence in what is a relatively new market for them. At the same time, it is very important to work with a single agency (Gielissen) who can help them maintain a global brand consistency.

Competitive Consumer Product Industry

In the broad global marketplace of consumer electronics, it is hard to get recognized. Pure has a fantastic and widely-recognized brand in their home country of the UK, and in many other areas of the world. They produce digital and internet radios, using cutting edge technology. They are well known for extremely high-quality, sleek design, and amazing sound.

Main Focal Point

The Product Display Area was to be the main focal point of the exhibit. We designed the product display area to not only be very be attention-grabbing, but to be highly functional. Attendees as well as the Pure team were fascinated by the product display area, as it was truly a focal point in the exhibit!

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions (US)


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