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Gielissen USA lands SkyTeam Cargo as a client!

Largest Global Airline Cargo Alliance

Having already received nine different proposals from nine different companies, SkyTeam Cargo approached Gielissen USA, for a better solution. Our challenge was to create a design for TIACA 2012 that not only encompassed a thoroughly international vision, but also met a series of branding objectives, and required approval by all ten global air cargo members. Our design achieved something the other nine did not do. Gielissen developed a concept which emphasized the broad reach of the alliance, created a strong new architectural brand presence, and provided ample hospitality zones for networking opportunities. Our design was not only unanimously chosen by all ten members of the coalition, but was also flawlessly executed. We were then honored with additional follow-up opportunities with SkyTeam Cargo in other parts of the world.

Comprised of ten major airlines, SkyTeam Cargo is the largest global airline cargo alliance in the world. The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is the primary trade association representing the air cargo and logistics industry, hosting a major forum and exhibition every two years in a different country. SkyTeam Cargo wanted to have a major presence at the 2012 expo in Atlanta.

Communicating Strength and Leadership

The exhibit design needed to quickly and effectively communicate to industry leaders the message about their cargo alliance, including the broad reach that they have – servicing over 904 cities around the world! In addition, it had to be approved by representatives from all ten of the alliance members. The pressure was high as SkyTeam Cargo had already reviewed and discarded nine different design and budget proposals from nine different companies.

Demonstrated Creativity and Cultural Expertise

SkyTeam Cargo contacted Nuance International due to strong references that they had received about our understanding of cultural nuances and our strong design and creative ability. We were thrilled to demonstrate our creative expertise to this powerful alliance. As a result, we developed a great relationship with SkyTeam Cargo and have had the privilege of continuing to work with them in various places around the world!

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions (US)


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