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"Gielissen had six weeks’ time to realize the showroom. How they got it all together I don’t know, but they did it!"

Bart Panman
Director Communication
Sony Benelux

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Showroom makeover

A showroom like no other

''. That is Sony's slogan. 'Sony is unique' claims the famous Japanese consumer electronics brand. Not comparable with any other brand, neither from a technological perspective nor as far as design is concerned. A nice claim, of course, but something you then have to prove and show. To the consumer, of course, but for sure also to those who sell your brand: the retailers.

Brand image

That's why the head office of Sony Nederland in Badhoevedorp decided to have a completely new showroom built. Built and equipped by Gielissen, the showroom features products from camcorders to laptops, from portable and car audio to digital photography and from home cinema systems to a huge variety of accessories. Those groups can in turn be broken down into dozens of types, models and versions. Now try and show that in a systematic and clear manner. That requires space, a logical layout and a real brand image.

'Total makeover'

As the old showroom was unfit for purpose, Sony decided to give it a facelift, although the expression 'total makeover' fits the bill better here. In fact, merely the location in the building stayed the same.

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhebitions


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