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Taking Georgia to Dubai

Dubai Airshow – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Marketing a State, not a Company

The State of Georgia, in the United States of America is a central hub for the global aerospace industry. Georgia is home to over 500 aerospace companies, who reap the benefits of a business climate that provides access to the latest aerospace technologies and 86,000 employees rated “most productive” in the nation. This industry sector expanded greatly under the leadership of Governor Sonny Perdue.

Governor Perdue’s goal was to showcase and highlight the State of Georgia to the thousands of prospective companies who would benefit by locating offices or production facilities in the State of Georgia. The chalet would need to accommodate the average visitor, press guests, executives, VIP’s and heads of state, in the most memorable way.

Taking Georgia to Dubai

Our team met with the officials at the State Department of Economic Development, and worked with them to develop a stunning concept which showcased the unique business climate of the State of Georgia, as well as its unique southern hospitality. And Gielissen did just that! We produced a stunning architectural space which looked and felt like Georgia! We incorporated the light colored Georgia pine wood interior walls, as well as other unique items, such as hand- sewn custom pillows.  

The interior was produced as a warm, friendly, and inviting environment which worked well for VIP meetings, press and other various guests. The large, two-story chalet contained a kitchen, a bar area, presentation areas, meeting rooms, lounge area, press area, hospitality area, and a large dining area. This chalet at the Dubai Airshow was really outstanding! A great place to visit!

In addition to the chalet design and fabrication, Gielissen produced an exhibit for the State of Georgia inside the exhibition hall at the Dubai Airshow.

Event Management by Our Arabic Team

Large events such as the Dubai Airshow often attract very high-level visitors, such as kings, emirs, governors and other heads of state. Security is maximized with closed streets and heavy traffic. It is important to have a local team in these environments who can handle all of the challenges with large event management, as well as streamlined communications in the local languages.

In this case, our services did not end with the fabrication and production of structures. But, our Arabic-speaking team also provided event management services for the Governor and VIPs who attended the event. This included local transportation services, security, tours and helicopter services.

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions (US)


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