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Thermenmuseum Heerlen

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Exhibition in the Thermenmuseum Heerlen

Roman intersection of roads and worlds

During excavation of a piece of wasteland in Heerlen in 1940 a lot of old stones were found, which appeared to be the still concealed foundations of a Roman bathhouse. There was no denying this sensational discovery and it was quickly decided to build a museum. The Thermenmuseum Heerlen opened its doors in 1977. When an exhibition was launched, the museum called in the help of Gielissen.

Making the past visible

That exhibition, 'The Spirit of the Urn' revolves around the burial urn of a well-to-do Gallo-Roman. The urn, with all kinds of burial gifts, was found a few years ago. The exhibition, though, is about more than the urn; it's above all about the general presentation. You see how the urn was excavated and came to the museum, what the items found served for, and how a number of them have been preserved and restored. An ideal way to make the past visible.

The manner of exhibiting

Once the items had been preserved and/or restored, Gielissen was called in to give shape to and furnish the exhibition in mutual consultation. It had to be all about seeing, discovering and encountering the Gallo-Roman era at various 'depths', so geared to both schoolchildren and the quick visitor, as well as to the visitor that wants to know more.

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions


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