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The look and feel of Van Lier Concept Stores

Where tradition, history, young and fashionable come together

Van Lier is a brand full of conflicts. It has tradition and history, but also a young and fashionable side. We provided the interiors of two new Van Lier shops in The Hague and Utrecht.

Chic and stylish

In the historic heart of The Hague, you'll find the Van Lier Concept Store at Hoogstraat 28. This shop of 100 square metres is the third Van Lier Concept Store after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. "In The Hague," says van Spaendonck, owner of Van Lier, "I wanted to create a chic and stylish Van Lier shop to suit the interior style you'll find in many splendid townhouses and villas in The Hague."

Every store different

In the Concept Stores, Gielissen combined the style of the Van Lier brand with the atmosphere of the city the shop is situated in. So every Van Lier Concept Store is different. Royal blue on a virgin white base dominates in The Hague. "The accents are finished in gold; that's the finishing touch", adds Van Spaendonck.

World business on a human scale

Gielissen also provided the fourth Van Lier Concept Store, at Choorstraat 19 in Utrecht. Here, visitors will find the famous Van Lier floor entirely handmade in teak with inlaid strips of wenge to create the effect of a yacht's deck. The steel spiral staircase to the top floor adds a modern, industrial accent to the shop. A quiet section was created for fitting. Entirely in the style of Utrecht city centre, this is a world business on a human scale.

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions


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