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Looking for the WOW Factor!

Oracle Open World  – San Francisco, California, USA

Looking for the WOW Factor!

Prior to engaging with us, Violin Memory had entertained several creative solutions for other agencies – but they were just not satisfied.

As a fast-growing start-up company in Silicon Valley, they were taking the market by storm! They were looking for a WOW factor in the design – and just did not see that with the other design proposals submitted. Crawford Communications is an agency which works with Violin Memory, helping to manage marketing communications and events. Crawford recommend that Violin bring Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions to the table, being known for our high-level creativity, and ability to create WOW concepts!

And, that’s exactly what we did! Our creative team jumped into the project immediately with a quick and comprehensive WOW creative solution. The top executives with Violin Memory were blown away and awarded the project to us!

Design by: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions (US)


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