Certified training company

Want to do day release, work experience or a graduation project at Gielissen? Why not?
Certified training company

Lots of day release, work experience and graduation students find Gielissen an attractive training company and that’s something we’re proud of. So we have work experience and graduation project places for such students.

Certified training company

For many study disciplines we are a certified training company ('erkend leerbedrijf'). We do indeed have ample experience in accompanying young people into the world of work. We deploy them on real (major) projects, naturally with the support needed. 

Learning from one another

Our work experience policy is based on the notion that young people can learn and experience a great deal within our company, but also the other way round; there’s a lot our employees can learn from them. A fresh approach to things can only be good. So we expect real commitment from our work experience and graduation project students. In return, we offer enthusiastic support and work experience than means what it says.


Interested in doing work experience or a graduation project at Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions? The e-mail our P&O department.


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