Personnel policy

The personnel policy of Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions
Personnel policy

There’s no such thing as a good company without good people. Without the expertise, dedication and commitment of our employees, Gielissen would not survive. Fortunately, in 9 out of 10 cases, good employees are also satisfied employees, and the other way round. We plan to keep it that way.

A good start and the job’s half done

We don’t throw new employees into the deep end just like that. We offer both a collective and an individual introduction program to lay a firm foundation under the new career.

Personal development plan

‘Standing still is falling behind,” goes the saying; and there’s certainly a lot of truth in it. Everyone wants to make progress and our employees enjoy developing themselves within their discipline. Based on the annual 360 Degree Review, employee and manager put a Personnel Development Plan (PDP) together for the coming year. With the help of a PDP we stimulate employees to develop their expertise, experience and skills.

Training & development

Your own workplace is the place to learn par excellence. We believe that education is a lifestyle. But there are some things you can’t learn internally, so we have a budget every year for external training courses.

Health & wellbeing

If you feel comfortable in your skin you’ll perform better, so health is important for our people. Our full-time employees are eligible for our comprehensive healthcare plan, for which Gielissen pays 50% of the monthly premium.

Working conditions

We believe that you should work to live rather than living to work. But, we do want work to be enjoyable and fun! So, Gielissen offers staff good working conditions and environments, including flex hours and work from home solutions.


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